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Web-Based CATI Case Management System


Suresh, R. (2005, May). Web-Based CATI Case Management System. Presented at International Field Directors and Technologies Conference, Miami Beach, FL.


A Web-based CATI case management and interviewing system is the ideal technique for a truly decentralized CATI system. This presentation is on the Web-based Case Management System (Web CMS). The features of the Web CMS include: 1) ASP.NET based system; 2) customizable, full-featured call scheduler including appointments, custom handling of refusal and other special treatments, release and expiration dates; 3) script driven, event and status code assignment; 4) multiple phone and contact information for each case with status code for each phone number; 5) Web-based utilities for CATI data collection management (reports, login accounts, etc.); 6) Web-based utilities for uploading cases, exporting operational data. RTI has developed such a system and will be in production by spring 2005. The system will behoused at central servers at RTI. The interviews will be conducted by interviewers based at call centers, offices, and homes located in the participating states across the country (including Alaska). The Web-based CMS uses RTI's Web Interview for administering the substantive part of the interview and it works with RTI's Web CARI for remote monitoring of the interviewers.