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Web 2.0 Applications with AJAX


Trahan, S. R., & Mai, Y. (2007, May). Web 2.0 Applications with AJAX. Presented at International Field Directors and Technologies Conference, Santa Monica, CA.


Internet based applications are vastly becoming more mainstream as users click away on superfast connections making dial-up modems a thing of the past. Browsing the web at such galloping speeds has transformed the way we look at the World Wide Web. The web is no longer just a collection of static web pages but includes a feature rich environment comprised of interactive elements partnered with video and audio. A new breed of web based applications have come on line in the past few years having vastly improved the browsing experience, these new breed of web based applications are part of the "Web 2.0". Perhaps one of the better known technologies that are contributing to Web 2.0 is called Asynchronous JavaScript and XML or Ajax. Although this technology has been around for some time it has just recently gained wide acceptance as an enhancement to the browsing experience. The accepted and traditional model of web based applications is that users must wait for entire WebPages to refresh/reload before seeing new results. Ajax based technologies give developers the ability to eliminate the "Click-and-Wait" and provides a more interactive feel to web based applications similar to installed applications used on the desktop. Our presentation will show how easy it is to start incorporating Ajax into web based technologies and will also discuss the advantages to using this technology. Some of the advantages highlighted include highly rich user-interfaces, more responsive websites and total lower bandwidth and processing costs.