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Water loss in rural water systems in developing countries


Wyatt, A. (1991). Water loss in rural water systems in developing countries. (WASH Field Report No. 341; No. WASH Field Report No. 341). Washington, DC: USAID.


This manual suggests practical, low-cost techniques for reducing water loss in small rural water supply systems in developing countries -- systems designed for 500-2,500 people, with water distribution via standposts, yard taps, or in some cases, direct house connections. The manual has seven chapters, covering: components of water loss; benefits of investigating and reducing water loss; steps in investigating water loss; guidelines for evaluating corrective action; pinpointing leaks; establishing a leakage control program; and preventing high water loss through sound construction and regular maintenance. Appendix A lists general references and training materials, and Appendix B lists sources of information, products, and services on water loss.