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Violence during pregnancy among women with or at risk for HIV infection

OBJECTIVES: This study estimated the prevalence of violence during pregnancy in relation to HIV infection. METHODS: Violence, current partnerships, and HIV risk behaviors were assessed among 336 HIV-seropositive and 298 HIV-seronegative at-risk pregnant women. RESULTS: Overall, 8.9% of women experienced recent violence; 21.5% currently had abusive partners. Violence was experienced by women in all partnership categories (range = 3.8% with nonabusive partners to 53.6% with physically abusive partners). Neither experiencing violence nor having an abusive partner differed by serostatus. Receiving an HIV diagnosis prenatally did not increase risk. Disclosure-related violence occurred, but was rare. CONCLUSIONS: Many HIV-infected pregnant women experience violence, but it is not typically attributable to their serostatus. Prenatal services should incorporate screening and counseling for all women at risk for violence


Koenig, LJ., Whitaker, DJ., Royce, R., Wilson, TE., Callahan, MR., & Fernandez, MI. (2002). Violence during pregnancy among women with or at risk for HIV infection. American Journal of Public Health, 92(3), 367-370.