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Video interviewing: An exploration of the feasibility as a mode of survey application

To stay current with today’s constant evolution of technology, survey researchers continue to seek and modernize their data collection methods and offer alternative opportunities for respondents to participate. More traditional survey data collection modes such as mail, field, telephone, and Web surveys are becoming more limited as a result of advances in communications technology. These traditional data collection methods continue to be valuable, although innovative technologies in communication add promising features and capabilities. Researchers should continue to investigate new methodologies to gain further insight on the benefits and challenges of these new technologies.

RTI’s Division for Research Services is evaluating video interviewing as a new methodology in the data collection toolkit. Video communications which includes interviewing or conferencing is a steadily growing concept of Internet-based communication and is used in various industries for enhancing visual and audio communication experience.

Most desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones have built-in or supplemental Web cameras and microphones that allow video communications between two parties whether stationary or on the go. Video interviewing would also benefit from recording and analyzing both verbal and nonverbal communication between interviewer and respondent...


Jeannis, M., Terry, T., Heman-Ackah, R., & Price, M. (2013). Video interviewing: An exploration of the feasibility as a mode of survey application. Survey Practice, 6(1), 1-5.