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TRIO Achievers: The Promise of the Future


Coles, A. S. (1998). TRIO Achievers: The Promise of the Future: The Full Circle: TRIO Programs, Higher Education, and the American Future. Journal of Negro Education, 67(4), 432-443.


This article provides a retrospective look at the collective experience of 332 graduates of the nation's TRIO programs - their postsecondary attainments, the careers they have pursued, and their contributions as volunteers. It profiles 10 of these 'TRIO Achievers' and discusses their perceptions of the ways in which TRIO participation contributed to their success. The article concludes that the accomplishments of TRIO graduates demonstrate the value of TRIO programs' direct, student-focused approach to increasing the college-going and success rates of low-income individuals in the United States, over 60% of whom are persons of color