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Translating reading assessments into practice Assessment in schools

This article provides an overview of the process of administering a school-based Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) and covers many of the considerations an implementer will need to bear in mind when planning and conducting such a survey. Readers are encouraged to download the revised edition of the EGRA Toolkit for more in-depth information on each of the topics covered here as well as for information not covered, such as descriptions of and research undergirding individual EGRA subtasks and drawing of the school sample.


Kochetkova, E., & Dubeck, M. (2016). Translating reading assessments into practice: Assessment in schools. In Understanding What Works in Oral Reading Assessments (pp. 147-156). Montreal, Canada: UNESCO Institue for Statistics. https://doi.org/10.15220/978-92-9189-196-2-en