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Training for teamwork through in situ simulations

In situ simulations allow healthcare teams to practice teamwork and communication as well as clinical management skills in a team's usual work setting with typically available resources and equipment. The purpose of this video is to demonstrate how to plan and conduct in situ simulation training sessions, with particular emphasis on how such training can be used to improve communication and teamwork. The video features an in situ simulation conducted at a labour and delivery unit in response to postpartum hemorrhage.


Sorensen, A., Poehlman, J., Bollenbacher, J., Riggan, S., Davis, S., Miller, K., ... Kahwati, L. (2015). Training for teamwork through in situ simulations. BMJ Innovations, 1(3), [144]. https://doi.org/10.1136/bmjinnov-2015-000039