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System reliability model for SSL luminaires


RTI International, (2015, January). System reliability model for SSL luminaires. Presented at 12th Annual U.S. Department of Energy Solid-State Lighting R&D Workshop, San Francisco, CA, January 27-29, .


- The paradigm in conventional lighting is that lamps and/or ballasts are replaced every 1-5 years. Integrated solid-state lighting luminaires may have a much longer expected lifetime creating new expectations for reliability in lighting systems.
- This creates a dilemma for the lighting industry: how to measure the expected lifetime of a more reliable product. The answer has significant implications for product and warranty costs.
- Lessons learned from the introduction of CFLs emphasize the importance of accurately representing product performance, including lifetime.
- True reliability of integrated LED lighting systems are generally not known and test methods are not standardized.
- Claims of long lifetimes in SSL systems are often based on LED lumen maintenance information alone. Better indications of product lifetime and reliability are needed.
- This project will contribute important data and reliability models to represent the actual performance of integrated LED lighting systems, including accurate failure mode analysis.