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Spouse survey codebook


Brinkley, M., Gabel, T., Bunch, L., & Tastet, L. (1991). Spouse survey codebook. (Prepared for the U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences). Research Triangle Park, NC: Research Triangle Institute.


Throughout the 1980s, Army leaders and policymakers have been especially concerned about the well being of Army families. Research designed to assist Army leaders in addressing family concerns is an important part of the Army's effort to increase family well being and the sense of partnership between the Army and its constituent families.
In response to the call for more Army family research, the Army Family Research Program (AFRP) surveyed the spouses of married soldiers in its 1989 worldwide data collection. Data from approximately 3,400 spouses was oltained and included in the spouse data file. This codebook enables researchers to analyze the spouse data file by providing information on the
variables, coding, value labels, and edit flags.