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Soldier survey data book


Brinkley, M., Gabel, T., & Tastet, L. (1991). Soldier survey data book. (Prepared for the U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences). Research Triangle Park, NC: Research Triangle Institute.


The Army Family Research Program (AFRP) was designed to address the research objectives outlined in the 1983 White Paper by Chief of Staff of the Army (CSA). Meyer and to investigate issues raised by subsequent Army Family Action Plans (1984-1991). To meet these objectives, a worldwide survey of a representative sample of Army soldierq and their spouses and supervisors was distributed in caiendar year 1989. This data book provides frequencies of all variables and scales included in the 1989 AFRP Soldier Data File. The data for each variable are broken down by career stage, unit type, location, marital/parental status, employment status of spouse, and age of children.