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Social Accountability in Frontline Service Delivery


Wetterberg, A., Hertz, J., & Brinkerhoff, D. (2017). Social Accountability in Frontline Service Delivery: Citizen Engagement and Provider Response in Four Indonesian Districts. Development Policy Review, 1-22. DOI: 10.1111/dpr.12273


Frontline public services are where service providers and citizens interact, in settings such as health clinics, schools, social welfare bureaus, or registrar offices. The quality of those interactions influences service utilization, citizen satisfaction, trust in government, and ultimately service outcomes. In international development, frontline public service delivery often lies at the intersection between sectoral and governance programs. Addressing public service needs and solving service delivery problems have traditionally fallen within the sphere of government, where solutions have focused on modifying administrative processes, increasing public sector capacity, introducing supportive policies, and designing improved technical interventions.