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Sampling and estimation from multiple list frames

Many economic and agricultural surveys are multi-purpose. It would be convenient if one could stratify the target population of such a survey in a number of different purposes and then combine the samples for enumeration. We explore four different sampling methods that select similar samples across all stratifications thereby reducing the overall sample size. Data from an agriculture survey is used to evaluate the effectiveness of these alternative sampling strategies. We then show how a calibration (i.e., reweighted) estimator can increase statistical efficiency by capturing what is known about the original stratum sizes in the estimation. Raking, which has been suggested in the literature for this purpose, is simply one method of calibration.


Kott, P., Amrhein, J. F., & Hicks, S. D. (1998). Sampling and estimation from multiple list frames. Survey Methodology, 24(1), 3-9.