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Respondent Recruitment, Interviewing, and Training: Lessons Learned From aSpanish Language Cognitive Interviewing Project


Sha, M., McAvinchey, G., Reed, L. M., Rodriguez, S. M., & Carter, G. (2010, May). Respondent Recruitment, Interviewing, and Training: Lessons Learned From a Spanish Language Cognitive Interviewing Project. Presented at AAPOR 2010, .


Cognitive interviewing in Spanish is a developing method. As the demand for quality Spanish translations of survey instruments increases, it becomes a method of growing utility and importance. However, prior experiences on respondent recruitment, interviewing, and interviewer training are largely based on pretesting English instruments. This paper discusses the lessons learned from a project undertaken by the U.S. Census Bureau to cognitively test the Spanish language translation of selected questions in a survey. We draw upon findings from RTI interviewer debriefings and observations. Results and discussion focus on the lessons learned, recommendations, and implications for recruiting Hispanic participants with limited English proficiency; administering cognitive interview probes in Spanish; and the logistics of cognitive interviews and training interviewers to conduct them. This research is of interest to methodologists who use the cognitive interviewing methodology to inform questionnaire design.