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Reproductive Toxicology, 3rd. ed.

This third edition of Reproductive Toxicology is a collaborative effort by the authors and editors to capture the rapidly growing understanding of reproductive and developmental biology and toxicology from the level of molecules to gametes to adult organisms.

The book includes chapters on:

- the normal and abnormal development and function of the reproductive systems of males and females
- the processes involved in pregnancy, fertilization and development of the central nervous, cardiovascular, renal, respiratory, immune and the endocrine systems
- the consequences of exposures to toxic substances during vulnerable life stages on the development, structures and functions of these biological systems
- epigenetics, -omics, and metallic environmental factors in reproduction and development


Kapp, RW., & Tyl, R. (Eds.) (2010). Reproductive Toxicology, 3rd. ed. (Target Organ Toxicology Series). New York, NY: Informa Healthcare.