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Questionnaire Specifications Database


Filippenko, L. V., & Nofziger, J. M. (2006, May). Questionnaire Specifications Database. Presented at International Field Directors and Technologies Conference, Montréal, Canada.


Many of the issues with iterative development of complex questionnaires concern version control of multiple documents. With many people working at several levels, it’s easy to get the specifications out of sync with the code. The primary purpose of the Questionnaire Specifications Database (QSD) is to help developers, survey specialists and translators of the questionnaire easily make changes to the wording of questions, response options and fills. Its key advantage is that it allows programmers of a Blaise questionnaire to export question wording and response options directly into the Blaise code, thus saving time in trying to compare and track multiple documents. It also allows one to monitor all changes that are made to the questionnaire specifications during development of the Blaise Questionnaire. The QSD can be used to print specifications with definitions of response options and fills i.e., a userfriendly version of the specs for testing or client review in two languages. The QSD system is built in Microsoft Access. Navigation within the program uses standard Access functionality and is easy to use.