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Providing Real-Time Incentives for Anonymous Web Surveys


Heinrich, T. D. (2008, May). Providing Real-Time Incentives for Anonymous Web Surveys. Presented at IFD&TC 2008, New Orleans, LA.


The presentation will review a methodology and data structure that allows for anonymous collection of data over the web and provides a mechanism for respondents to receive an incentive immediately after completion. We will review the success of the College Sexual Assault (CSA) Study funded by the Department of Justice. The study surveyed almost 10,000 students at the University of Cincinnati and University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill. It examined the prevalence, nature, and reporting of sexual assault on college campuses. Due to the sensitive nature of the content and desire to provide an incentive, a protocol was developed that allowed respondents to complete the web survey & receive a completion code. They could then take the completion code and a special code included in the recruitment email to a separate web site to claim a $10 Amazon.com gift card. The data structure enabled the survey data to be free of any identifying information but allow the project to secure and distribute an incentive electronically.