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A profile of the California Partnership Academies 2004-2005


Bradby, D., Malloy, A., Hanna, T., & Dayton, C. (2007). A profile of the California Partnership Academies 2004-2005. Berkeley, CA: ConnectEd: the California Center for College and Career and Career Academy Support Network.


State legislation launched the California Partnership Academies (CPAs) in 1984. Now operating in more than 200 comprehensive high schools, CPAs have been used as a model for high school reform in California and elsewhere. Academies typically feature multi-age learning groups, team teaching and career-based instruction. Teachers help students connect high school lessons to future employment scenarios. Several evaluations have found positive student effects associated with academies.

This report provides a picture of the CPAs for the 2004-05 school year based on annual reports each site sends to the California Department of Education. More information on academies and the supporting legislation is available at www.cde.ca.gov/ci/gs/hs/cpagen.asp, the CPA website.