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Post-HIPAA Medical Chart Review to Assess Perinatal Testing Rates


Loft, J. D., & Levy, P. S. (2005, August). Post-HIPAA Medical Chart Review to Assess Perinatal Testing Rates. Presented at Joint Statistical Meetings, Minneapolis, MN.


This evaluation, sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and conducted by RTI International, seeks to estimate hospital screening rates for HIV and other perinatal infectious diseases among new mothers and their infants as documented in hospital medical charts. The evaluation is underway in selected geographic areas (counties and states) in 7 states and in selected hospitals within these areas. We will discuss the impact of efforts to anticipate concerns about the applicability of HIPAA to this project’s protocol.

We are sampling births using state birth certificates from calendar year 2003 as the sample frame and abstracting data from the corresponding charts on screening for HIV and other infectious diseases. A letter outlining the status of the project with respect to HIPAA was included in the project materials mailed to health departments and to hospitals selected for the assessment.

We believe this letter was significant in allaying potential HIPAA concerns. The project has been approved by state health departments and HIPAA concerns have not been a barrier in any hospital thus far.