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Patterns of Medicaid expenditures after AIDS diagnosis

This article examines average monthly Medicaid expenditures after diagnosis of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) for the diagnosis, mid-illness, and death intervals, as well as Kaplan-Meier estimates of expenditures from AIDS diagnosis to death. A clinical severity measure (the Severity Index for Adults with AIDS [SIAA]) designed to be predictive of patient survival was applied to a population of continuously enrolled New York State Medicaid patients who survived at least 6 months after being diagnosed with AIDS. Our findings suggest that groups of more seriously ill patients who appear to have more intense demand for health care services, especially over the diagnosis and mid-illness intervals, can be identified using the SIAA


Markson, LE., McKee, L., Mauskopf, J., Houchens, R., Fanning, TR., & Turner, BJ. (1994). Patterns of Medicaid expenditures after AIDS diagnosis. Health Care Financing Review, 15(4), 43-59.