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Method for the determination of asbestos in bulk building materials


Perkins, R., & Harvey, B. (1993). Method for the determination of asbestos in bulk building materials. (U.S. EPA, Atmospheric Research and Exposure Assessment Laboratory, Research Triangle Park, NC. EPA/600/R-93/116; No. PB93-218576). Unknown Publisher.


Laboratories now must identify asbestos in a variety of bulk building materials, including loose-fill insulations, acoustic and thermal sprays, pipe and boiler wraps, plasters, paints, flooring products, roofing materials, and cement products. The diversity of bulk materials necessitates using different methods to prepare and analyze samples. This report outlines the applicability of these methods to the broad spectrum of bulk building materials now being analyzed for asbestos. This method demonstrates a capability to improve the precision and accuracy of analytical results. It contains significant revisions to procedures outlined in the Interim Method along with the addition of several new procedures.