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Media and Secondhand Smoke Exposure: Results from a National Survey

OBJECTIVES: To investigate whether associations between anti-secondhand smoke (SHS) media, social cognitions about SHS, and home restrictions on smoking follow patterns observed in smoking behavior. METHODS: Based on a nationally representative sample of 2348 US adults drawn from the American Legacy Foundation's American Smoking and Health Survey, we tested relationships among scales of anti-SHS media, social cognitions, and home restrictions. RESULTS: We found anti-SHS media and SHS cognitions, as well as social cognitions and home restrictions, to be significantly associated. Social cognitions mediated the relationship between anti-SHS media and home restrictions. CONCLUSIONS: Previously observed relationships between media, social cognitions, and smoking also exist for SHS. Anti-SHS media campaigns to increase home restrictions may help to reduce SHS exposure.


Evans, W., Crankshaw, E., Nimsch, C., Morgan-Lopez, A., & Farrelly, M. (2006). Media and Secondhand Smoke Exposure: Results from a National Survey. American Journal of Health Behavior, 30(1), 62-71.