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Maryland Voting Systems Study. Final report


RTI International, . U. (2010). Maryland Voting Systems Study. Final report. (Prepared for Maryland Department of Legislative Services). Research Triangle Park, NC: RTI International.


Maryland’s Department of Legislative Services (DLS) commissioned RTI International to conduct the Maryland Voting Systems Study (MDVSS). The General Assembly required a better understanding of the costs associated with the planned change in voting technology from direct-recording electronic (DRE) voting machines to a system using paper ballots and optical scan ballot counting machines. The General Assembly also required a better understanding of the necessity of the proposed combination of goods and services associated with the implementation of a new statewide voting system. In particular, this study inquires into the State Board of Elections’ (SBE) procurement of support services; its proposed, but not completed, procurement of new optical scan voting equipment; the cost ramifications of making a change from DRE machines to optical scan machines; and the need for voting booths and carts.