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Lessons Learned: Converting a Telephone Survey Panel to an Internet Panel


Roe, D., Stockdale, J. D., Farrelly, M., & Heinrich, T. D. (2007, May). Lessons Learned: Converting a Telephone Survey Panel to an Internet Panel. Presented at International Field Directors and Technologies Conference, Santa Monica, CA.


Internet surveys have become a useful data collection strategy as technology has advanced over the past decade. Despite representation issues for general population surveys, potential benefits present an attractive option for collecting data from longitudinal panels and list samples. Operational costs related to pre-notification, respondent support and communication can be drastically reduced by the elimination of traditional paper contact and the use of email. Potential bias and costs associated with interviewers can also be eliminated through the use of a self administered interview. Multi-media files, such a streaming video can be used for evaluation items. After 84% of respondents to a two wave telephone agreed to participate in an Internet Panel, a pilot project was conducted to gain insight and examine barriers, advantages and the feasibility of converting a panel of from telephone surveys to online surveys. This presentation will focus on the operational joys and pains of such a conversion. We will discuss successes and difficulties associated with the ease of email as a primary means of respondent communication, the use of streaming video, and respondent connectivity and equipment. We will also present respondents’ opinions on these issues, along with details on their stated preferences (web or phone) after they completed the web survey.