• Working Paper

It Takes Schools To Raise A Nation


Method, F., & McClure, M. (2002). It Takes Schools To Raise A Nation. : Global Information Networds in Education (GINIE).


SUMMARY: Education assistance for reconstruction of Afghanistan must be planned and executed within an explicit strategy of nation building. Merely rebuilding schools, mobilizing teachers and distributing education inputs is not enough. Approaches to date have been remarkably successful in getting children back to school and responding to the humanitarian needs over the past year. However, they also have been relatively short-term and fragmented with inadequate attention to building national capacities for coordination, monitoring and medium- to long-term planning. For the next phase, greater attention is needed to community participation in planning, implementing and monitoring education progress, building consensus about education strategy and reinforcing inter-generational responsibility for education at the community level. At the same time, greater attention is needed to national systems for recognizing and paying teachers, creating and maintaining student records, organizing distribution systems for texts and other materials, and establishing the revenue base and systems of budgeting, accounting and monitoring to support a public education system on a continuing basis. These tasks should not be postponed any further. Without urgent attention to such national systems the overall effort may collapse into uncoordinated pieces and centrifugal dynamics of localized education programs unsupported by national infrastructure or broad social consensus on objectives, means and mechanisms for sustaining progress