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Interviewer Training for Multiple Roles and Dual Purpose Instruments


Carley-Baxter, L., & Hinsdale, M. (2004, May). Interviewer Training for Multiple Roles and Dual Purpose Instruments. Presented at International Field Directors and Technologies Conference, Phoenix, AZ.


Traditionally, telephone interviewers are trained to conduct interviews with a focus on standardization of question delivery, tone of voice, and quality control among other things. The development and use of a single instrument for both self- and interviewer administration necessitated updates to traditional interviewer training. In particular, consideration had to be given to new guidelines for administering a dual-purpose instrument, as well as developing a new training program to train interviewers to provide technical assistance to respondents experiencing difficulties completing the web interview. This new training program had to focus on customization of responses to often unfamiliar questions for telephone interviewers as well as systematically recording problems encountered and solutions offered. This presentation will discuss the challenges associated with the development of telephone interviewer training materials, a new help desk staff training program, as well as other solutions put in place to deal with these challenges.