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International comparison of economic evaluations of colorectal cancerscreening programs: Preliminary results


Subramanian, S., Tangka, F., Hoover, S., Nadel, M., Smith, R., Atkin, W., & Patnick, J. (2012, August). International comparison of economic evaluations of colorectal cancer screening programs: Preliminary results. Presented at the 2012 CDC National Cancer Conference, Washington, DC, August 21-23, .


Cost and cost-effectiveness assessment are becoming increasingly important in initiating and sustaining cancer screening programs.
- Many countries are exploring the introduction of widespread screening for colorectal cancer (CRC), but there is very limited published information on the economics of colorectal cancer screening.
- We developed a standardized questionnaire, an Economic Assessment Tool (EAT), to catalog economic evaluations that have been performed, and we collected cost and effectiveness data when available.
- Collecting data on the programs using a standardized questionnaire allowed for a comparison across programs that have performed economic assessments (or have the required data available).