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Intermolecular processes in the ion trap mass spectrometer


Pannell, L. K., Pu, Q. L., Fales, H. M., Mason, R. T., & Stephenson, J. (1989). Intermolecular processes in the ion trap mass spectrometer. Analytical Chemistry, 61(2), 2500-2503. DOI: 10.1021/ac00197a010

Akronnal (M + 1)/M ratios in the lon trap mass spectrometer were examlned to resolve questions about their source. Compounds showlng minimal fragmentation provlde normal (M + 1)/M ratios except undar conditions of space charglng (high ion concentration). Substances provlding abundant alkyl Ions form (M + H)’ Ions through proton transfer to neutrals. Concentrations causing thls effect In the Ion trap mass spectrometer and the sources of the proton In the case of methyl decanoate are dlscussed.