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Intermolecular processes in the ion trap mass spectrometer

Akronnal (M + 1)/M ratios in the lon trap mass spectrometer were examlned to resolve questions about their source. Compounds showlng minimal fragmentation provlde normal (M + 1)/M ratios except undar conditions of space charglng (high ion concentration). Substances provlding abundant alkyl Ions form (M + H)’ Ions through proton transfer to neutrals. Concentrations causing thls effect In the Ion trap mass spectrometer and the sources of the proton In the case of methyl decanoate are dlscussed.


Pannell, LK., Pu, QL., Fales, HM., Mason, RT., & Stephenson, J. (1989). Intermolecular processes in the ion trap mass spectrometer. Analytical Chemistry, 61(2), 2500-2503. https://doi.org/10.1021/ac00197a010