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Integrating External Assessments into a Blaise Questionnaire


Nofziger, J. M., Mason, K. M., Filippenko, L. V., & Burke, M. R. (2005, May). Integrating External Assessments into a Blaise Questionnaire. Presented at International Field Directors and Technologies Conference, Miami Beach, FL.


Many CAPI projects require external assessments to be called from within a Blaise questionnaire. These assessments often have highly complex routing instructions and would be extremely difficult or impossible to code in Blaise. We decided to use Microsoft .NET to create a generic framework in order for a Blaise questionnaire to call any number of tests or assessments as desired. A goal of ours was to integrate the collected data into the Blaise data model, while still allowing the framework to operate independently outside the context of a Blaise instrument. The system uses a Microsoft Access database to store the data during execution of the assessment, then it uses the Blaise Component Pack (BCP), specifically a .boi (Blaise Ole DB Information) file to accomplish the data transfer from the MS Access database to the Blaise bdb. This presentation will focus on the methods used to pass data between Blaise and the .NET application. We will also discuss status codes stored in the .bdb which can be used to specify invocation parameters when calling the .NET application, and methods to transfer data directly from a .NET application to a closed Blaise database.