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Infrared and microwave spectra of OCO–HF and SCO–HF


Fraser, G. T., Pine, A. S., Suenram, R. D., Dayton, D., & Miller, R. E. (1989). Infrared and microwave spectra of OCO–HF and SCO–HF. Journal of Chemical Physics, 90(3), 1330-1336. DOI: 10.1063/1.456074


The H–F stretching bands of the OCO–HF and SCO–HF complexes have been studied by optothermal (bolometer?detected) molecular?beam spectroscopy. Both species exhibit spectra of a quasilinear molecule red shifted from free HF by 52.1 and 57.5 cm? 1, respectively. The principal band in both molecules is accompanied by a slightly red?shifted doublet?type subsidiary band that can be interpreted as a hot band of a low frequency bending vibration or a K=1 subband of a bent molecule. Accurate doublet splittings in the ground H–F vibrational state have been measured by pulsed?nozzle Fourier?transform microwave spectroscopy.