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Infrared and microwave spectra of OCO–HF and SCO–HF

The H–F stretching bands of the OCO–HF and SCO–HF complexes have been studied by optothermal (bolometer?detected) molecular?beam spectroscopy. Both species exhibit spectra of a quasilinear molecule red shifted from free HF by 52.1 and 57.5 cm? 1, respectively. The principal band in both molecules is accompanied by a slightly red?shifted doublet?type subsidiary band that can be interpreted as a hot band of a low frequency bending vibration or a K=1 subband of a bent molecule. Accurate doublet splittings in the ground H–F vibrational state have been measured by pulsed?nozzle Fourier?transform microwave spectroscopy.


Fraser, GT., Pine, AS., Suenram, RD., Dayton, D., & Miller, RE. (1989). Infrared and microwave spectra of OCO–HF and SCO–HF. Journal of Chemical Physics, 90(3), 1330-1336. DOI: 10.1063/1.456074

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