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Improving national data for vocational education: Strengthening a multiform system


Hoachlander, E. G., & Levesque, K. (1993). Improving national data for vocational education: Strengthening a multiform system. Berkeley, CA: National Center for Research in Vocational Education, University of California, Berkeley.


A series of national meetings with a professional working group were held to discuss data issues, needs, and priorities in order to determine national data needs for vocational education. The study team gathered detailed information on current federal-level data collection efforts relevant to vocational education. Local and state data collection capacity and the extent of uniformity and comparability within and among states in data collection and reporting were assessed in case studies of six states. A comprehensive map of existing national data on vocational education was developed, and recommendations were formulated regarding designing a multiform vocational education data collection system that would maintain the distinction among the following four functions of national program data: (1) describe context and trends; (2) describe program practices; (3) monitor program compliance; and (4) monitor program performance. Other study recommendations included collecting data in the broader context of general education whenever possible, establishing a system for reviewing the vocational content of national surveys and studies, and integrating efforts to refine the existing vocational education data system with other national data-related activities. Appended are the data map, a summary of state management information system practices, and a list of professional working group meeting participants. (Contains 22 references.) (MN)