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Household Telephone Configuration


Krotki, K. P., Peytchev, A. A., & Augustine, C. B. (2010, May). Household Telephone Configuration. Presented at AAPOR 2010, .


As survey research adapts to the increasing prevalence of cell phones, research is needed on cell phone use within households, especially households that have both landline and cellphone service. Researchers have studied problems associated with the dual frame approach but little is known about households that make up the intersection of the two frames, the numbers of different telephone numbers, both landline and cell phone, linked to such household, and the distribution of respondent characteristics related to those numbers. This information is needed not only to accurately calculate selection probabilities but also to establish efficient sampling and interviewing procedures.

In this research we interviewed a sample of close to 1,000 cell phone owners nationwide and collected information on the number and type of phones in the households as well as the sharing patterns among household members. The results are informative of the different configuration patterns to be found in households, shed light on telephone ownership and usage patterns, and suggest strategies for how to efficiently design telephone surveys in the cell phone era.