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Health Budget Tracking System, Phase I: Final Report


Cressman, G., & Latif, M. A. (1996). Health Budget Tracking System, Phase I: Final Report. (Data for Decision Making Project, United States Agency for International Development; No. RTI 5875-001-010, DPI-5991-A-00-1052-00). Research Triangle Park, North Carolina: Research Triangle Institute.


Allocation of resources based on reliable information is important to any undertaking. Government health services in Egypt are no exception. Detailed and accurate data are critical to Ministry of Health (MOH) efforts to develop an informed public health policy and to track the effects of policy changes. As illustrated in Figure 1, government expenditures for salaries, drugs, other materials, and investment projects are input to the processes that provide different kinds of health care. Official accounting line items normally track input, but do not track expenditures in terms of output. At the beginning of the Data for Decision Making (DDM) project, the MOH had no accurate information on the proportion of government funds spent on various kinds of health care facilities and various types of health care. No information was available to compare expenditure patterns among administrative units.