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Health of Boston 2009


Shah, S. N., Dodds, D., Dooley, D., Sims, P. D., Anand, A., Ayanian, H., ... Saltus, C. (2009). Health of Boston 2009. Boston, MA: Boston Public Health Commission, Research and Evaluation Office.


The Health of Boston 2009 provides a review of select health conditions, risk behaviors, and social determinants of health. It presents a broad picture of health in our city and identifies individuals and communities at greatest risk for certain conditions. This report does not attempt to identify causality or make recommendations. Instead, it provides information needed to stimulate dialogue among individuals and within communities.
The report is divided into 16 sections. Each section begins with an introduction describing the featured health indicators, followed by a short explanation of emerging trends and/or changes in the data elements. Each chapter concludes with a summary, list of references, and notes that clarify the data analysis. This executive summary highlights significant findings from each of the sixteen sections, and discusses the persistence of disparities in health outcomes among Black and Latino Boston residents.