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Hatteras: A Web-Based Survey System


Rasmussen, C. M., Allen, S. R., & Suresh, R. (2008, May). Hatteras: A Web-Based Survey System. Presented at IFD&TC 2008, New Orleans, LA.


"Hatteras" is a new web-based survey system developed by RTI International. Hatteras consists of two modules, “SurveyEditor” for instrument authoring and “SurveyEngine” to administer survey instruments. SurveyEditor features include an XML-based importing tool to load instrument specifications, an interactive editor with question preview capability, a batch editor for applying attributes to similar questions, global search, and a “comments” module for facilitating collaborative development. SurveyEngine can administer instruments in multiple modes such as self-interview, telephone or in-person interview, and data entry including double-entry verification. Furthermore, SurveyEngine is capable of applying complex skip logic, conditionally adapting questionnaire wording based on prior responses, repeating a block of questions for hierarchical sub-sections (e.g. characteristics of members of a household), tagging backed over questions for data consistency and integrity, administering in multiple languages, and accommodating CARI (computer audio recorded interview) technology for telephone (CATI) surveys. Other features of the system include a built-in mechanism to generate rectangular datasets with an electronic codebook, a tool to synchronize the instrument meta-data across databases and servers, and the necessary interface for using RTI’s CARI review system.