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Guide for Conducting Perkins Placement Follow-up Surveys


Klein, S., Pedroso, R., Anderson, S., & Charner, I. (2006). Guide for Conducting Perkins Placement Follow-up Surveys. Berkeley, CA and Washington, DC: MPR Associates, Inc. and Academy for Educational Development.


To comply with the accountability requirements of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006, states must report on the secondary and postsecondary placement outcomes of all graduates concentrating in a career and technical education program area. To collect this information under the current Perkins legislation, most state and local agencies currently conduct mail or telephone follow-up surveys at some point in the year following student exit. This guide reviews procedures states may wish to adopt in developing and administering statewide student surveys to collect required placement data, and describes three steps necessary for effective follow-up survey administration: (1) Developing a survey plan, (2) Constructing the survey, and (3) Administering the survey. Strategies for overcoming measurement challenges are also detailed