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GUI Demonstration for MASSC Disclosure Limitation Method


Wilson, D., Yu, F., & Wang, D. (2004, August). GUI Demonstration for MASSC Disclosure Limitation Method. Presented at , .


A Microsoft Windows-based application has been developed for MASSC at RTI International. The methodology of the development was based on the idea that the MASSC process can be run on standard procedures and processes. By focusing on that approach, the backend MASSC running engine was built on the standard SAS procedures and the customized C SAS callable packages.  A GUI application was built to communicate between the MASSC users and the backend MASSC engine. The GUI software is very user friendly. The carefully designed user interface serves the need of saving the user interaction time, causing less confusion, and reducing the possibility of making errors. The GUI is also very flexible in terms of how each step is executed, how the outcome for each step is examined, and the accessibility to the previous steps from the current step. Some sample screens will be presented to show how the GUI works. A treated sample data set result will also be presented with the GUI report in HTML format while the Graphics will be in PDF format.