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Geoframe: A New Method of Field Enumeration


Athey, L. A., McMichael, J. P., Evans, B., & Albright, V. A. (2008, May). Geoframe: A New Method of Field Enumeration. Presented at AAPOR 2008, New Orleans, LA.


Face-to-face interviewing using area probability samples remains the gold standard method for conducting representative surveys, but the increasing cost of these studies has led researchers to look for economies in all phases of survey design and execution. GeoFrameTM is an innovative use of digital photography and geospatial technology that reduces the cost of field enumeration to make construction of area probability samples more affordable. This paper describes the initial application of this new technology to construct a sampling frame for a survey of tobacco use in the colonias in El Paso County, Texas. The efficiency of GeoFrameTM allowed us to conduct a scientific survey in the colonias on limited funds, and include the full sample universe in our frame thereby increasing the precision of our results. Further, the GeoFrameTM process dramatically shortened the time between enumeration and the beginning of interviewing, and efficiently produced guides to direct interviewers accurately to sampled dwelling units. GeoFrame’sTM utility can be extended to other situations where sampling frames may be difficult or too costly to create, such as when creating probability samples to evaluate disaster recovery efforts or conduct surveys in developing nations.