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Female condom uptake and acceptability in Zimbabwe

As the first phase of a two–phase prospective cohort study to assess the acceptability of the diaphragm as a potential HIV/STI prevention method, we conducted a 2–month prospective study and examined the effect of a male and female condom intervention on female condom (FC) use among 379 sexually active women in Harare, Zimbabwe. Reported use of FC increased from 1.1% at baseline to 70.6% at 2–month follow–up. Predictors of FC uptake immediately following the intervention included interest in using FC, liking FC better than male condoms, and believing one could use them more consistently than male condoms. Women reported 28.8% of sex acts protected by FC in the 2 weeks prior to last study visit. Though FC may not be the preferred method for the majority of women, with access, proper education, and promotion they may be a valuable option for some Zimbabwean women.


Napierala Mavedzenge, S., Kang, MS., Chipato, T., Padian, N., & Van Der Straten, A. (2008). Female condom uptake and acceptability in Zimbabwe. AIDS Education and Prevention, 20(2), 121-134. https://doi.org/10.1521/aeap.2008.20.2.121