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The evolving field of health literacy research

We are quite pleased to present the current special issue on Health Literacy of the Journal of Health Communication. We hope readers will see this issue as a marker of the Journal's long-term interest and commitment to health literacy research and as an exhibit of the rapidly evolving field of health literacy. This issue presents findings from the first Health Literacy Annual Research Conference (HARC) which took place in October 2009 at the National Academy of Sciences Building, Washington, DC. HARC is an interdisciplinary meeting for investigators dedicated to health literacy research. Our aim is to attract a full range of investigators engaged in health literacy research including those involved in a broad array of public health, health services, epidemiology, translational, and interventional research activities. Establishing an interdisciplinary research home for health literacy investigators can accelerate: (1) professional development, (2) advancement of the science of health literacy research, and (3) promotion of interdisciplinary research.


Paasche-Orlow, M. K., Wilson, E. AH., & McCormack, L. (2010). The evolving field of health literacy research. Journal of Health Communication, 15(supp 2), 5-8. https://doi.org/10.1080/10810730.2010.499995