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Evaluation of a Unique Stroke and Heart Attack Prevention Program


Constantine, R. T. (2005, December). Evaluation of a Unique Stroke and Heart Attack Prevention Program. Presented at American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.


The Stroke and Heart Attack Prevention Program (SHAPP), funded by the Georgia Legislature since 1974, provides services for blood pressure screening, diagnosis, and treatment. Implemented through the Georgia Department of Human Resources, medically indigent adults are eligible for hypertension medications at low or no cost. Of the more than 15,000 patients served by SHAPP, the largest segments include persons 30 to 59 years of age and African Americans. This research provided in-depth case studies of two of the 19 districts with control rates much higher than the national average. The objective was to identify critical components contributing to successful blood pressure control and examine how they were implemented. This mixed method evaluation included: 1) in-depth interviews with administrators and clinic staff, 2) focus groups with patients, 3) medical record abstraction, and 4) cost analysis to estimate the per-patient cost. We will provide an overview of methodologies and data sources used to evaluate SHAPP and present practical applications of our findings as well as policy implications and cost analysis.