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Erratum to Cost-effectiveness of febuxostat in chronic gout

In the original publication, the size of cohort was incorrectly published as 1,000 patients in the first sentence of the fourth paragraph under heading ‘Methods’. The correct cohort size is “100 patients” and the sentence should read as:
“The model was used to consider a cohort of 100 patients who had sUA levels of at least 8 mg/dl (0.48 mmol/l) and who had received a ULT with various treatment sequences”.


Beard, S., von Scheele, BG., Nuki, G., & Pearson, I. (2014). Erratum to: Cost-effectiveness of febuxostat in chronic gout. European Journal of Health Economics, 15(8), 897. DOI: 10.1007/s10198-014-0617-1

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