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Encapsulation and controlled delivery of strong mineral acids

A polymer-encapsulated mineral acid solution and a method for forming the polymer-encapsulated mineral acid solution. Introducing a strong mineral acid solution to a monomer solution occurs such that a primary emulsion that is a water-in-oil type emulsion forms. Introducing the primary emulsion to a second aqueous solution forms a secondary emulsion that is a water-in-oil-in-water type double emulsion. The monomer in the secondary emulsion is cured such a polymerized shell forms that encapsulates the strong mineral acid solution and forms the capsule. The strong mineral acid solution has up to 30 wt. % strong mineral acid. A method of stimulating a hydrocarbon-bearing formation using the polymer-encapsulated mineral acid solution includes introducing a capsule suspension into a fissure in the hydrocarbon-bearing formation to be stimulated through a face in a well bore. The capsule is maintained within the fissure until the polymer shell degrades.


Johnson, L., Al-Muntasheri, G. M., Rothrock, G., & Shepherd, S. (2017). Encapsulation and controlled delivery of strong mineral acids. (Patent No. 9,631,139).