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Education reform support today


DeStefano, J., & Crouch, L. (2006). Education reform support today. Washington, DC: USAID, AED, Educational Quality Improvement Program 2 (EQUIP2).


SUPPORTTraditional projects in education introduce inno-vations at the school level, sometimes improv-ing learning in a defined number of schools.The hope is that somehow piloted successescan be replicated or taken to scale. But toooften they are not. Dissatisfied with this,donors may choose policy-level interventionsthat promote resource reallocations, specificpolicy reforms, and investments in administra-tive and management capacity to effect sys-tem-wide change. But the record of policyreforms having impact on learning at the schoollevel is disappointing. If we fund school-levelprojects, the challenge lies in how to createpolicy and institutional reforms that supportreplicable school-level success. If we supportpolicy-level interventions, the challenge lies inhow to ensurethat national reforms lead tochanges in the day-to-day practice of schools.Both approaches require effective programs ofwhat we call reformsupport.