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Education in Indonesia: managing the transition to decentralization


King, E., Aarons, A., Crouch, L., Iskandar, S., Larrison, J., Moegiadi, H., ... Muljoatmodjo, S. (2004). Education in Indonesia: managing the transition to decentralization. The World Bank.


Indonesia’s population of school-age children is one of the largest in the world. A sustained drive to build schools across the country since the 1970s has resulted in more and more of those children attending school every year. This is an impressive accomplishment. But there is a widespread perception that several critical barriers have prevented Indonesia from achieving its goals of: (i) enrolling all students through to the end of junior secondary level, (ii) ensuring that poorer and disadvantaged children have full and equal access to schools that provide a safe and healthy learning environment and effective instruction, and (iii) providing education that is of acceptable quality and is relevant to the economy and society.