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DocMan: A Paperless System for CAPI Studies


Suresh, R., Day, O. A., & Nofziger, J. M. (2007, May). DocMan: A Paperless System for CAPI Studies. Presented at International Field Directors and Technologies Conference, Santa Monica, CA.


Data security of personally identifiable information has become a critical issue in the recent months. Field or CAPI surveys have a need for detailed information for locating the subject to be interviewed. In addition, hardcopy forms that tend to have the subject’s name and case-id can become issues if they are lost in transit.RTI International has developed the Doc-Man system that works in an integrated fashion with RTI’s Integrated Field Management System (IFMS) for managing all of the hardcopy documents needed for field surveys. Doc-Man provides mechanisms for viewing password protected, unprintable, non-copy able acrobat-PDF files for viewing detailed tracing information for the subject; collecting electronic versions of the consent, assent, and other authorization forms with digital signatures; gathering scanned images of hardcopy documents (handwritten notes, etc) so that they need not be mailed; collating all of the documents by case-id; electronically transmitting the completed documents back to the home office.