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Development and Production of Effective Training Videos


McKamey, A. C., Payne, S., & Haac, C. O. (2007, May). Development and Production of Effective Training Videos. Presented at International Field Directors and Technologies Conference, Santa Monica, CA.


During the development of interviewer training programs that are designed to be presented at multiple locations, the issue of ensuring consistent presentation of training ideas and material is a concern. Supplementing traditional lecture with video presentations is one viable consideration that ensures consistent presentation across all training sites. Training videos can serve as a key component for interviewer training sessions and generally fall into two basic categories:1) Videos that provide information or instruction on basic project protocols and procedures, necessary for every field interviewer, and 2) Videos deemed necessary based on observation of interviewer performance or at the interviewers’ request.The specific type of video needed dictates a variety of issues in all stages of production. While there are some basic steps common to all video production, experience has demonstrated that the specific needs of each video often require varied methods of pre- and post-production. In this presentation, issues related to production of the different video formats will be compared, showing how each can be produced effectively using the appropriate personnel and following project guidelines. Advantages and disadvantages to each of these options will also be discussed and a variety of video clips showcasing different formats will be presented.