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Developing a Comprehensive and Multi-Mode Approach to New Field Interviewer Training


Payne, S., McKamey, A. C., & Shuey, E. A. (2010, May). Developing a Comprehensive and Multi-Mode Approach to New Field Interviewer Training. Presented at IFD&TC 2010, .


Comprehensive and standardized new field interviewer (FI) training programs are an essential component to successfully staffing and conducting any field data collection effort. This presentation will examine the development, utilization, and benefits of a multi-mode approach for new FI training on a large-scale, national field study currently conducted by RTI International.

The training program developed for this study incorporates multi-media training tools, such as distance learning computer applications and video presentations, in-person training in conjunction with individual exercises, paired mocks and a certification process, and post-training instruction by the Field Supervisor and in-field mentoring to ensure FIs have a complete understanding and adequate practice performing all FI job requirements. Through different presentation styles and formats, this training program allows for the delivery of high-quality training on the fundamentals of interviewing, project protocols and procedures, and other subjects relevant to new field interviewers while encompassing a wide variety of individual learning styles and experience levels. Examples showcasing the various features of the new field interviewer training program and how they are used to present training topics will also be discussed.

This presentation will also review the development steps, considerations, and recommendations for future enhancements for new field interviewer training programs and demonstrate how a comprehensive and multi-mode approach to training has the capacity to present new FIs with an effective and enjoyable learning experience that complements their experience level and learning style and supports high-quality performance in the field.