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Delinquent Girls Contexts, Relationships, and Adaptation

— Focuses on deep-end delinquent behavior in girls.<br>— Addresses issues of delinquent girls at multiple points in the juvenile justice system, from arrest to adjudication to out-of-home placement to detention. <br>— Examines data sources and methodologies, including administrative record data on arrests, in-depth qualitative analysis, intervention studies, and quantitative approaches. <br>— Explores such interrelated topics as legal issues, the role of relationships and context, mental health problems, trauma exposure, prevention/intervention, and policy implications.<br><br>Traditionally, delinquent girls were considered an anomaly, a rare phenomenon attracting little scholarly notice. Today, more than one in four youth offenders is female, and researchers and practitioners alike are quickly turning their attention and resources to address this challenging situation. Delinquent Girls: Contexts, Relationships, and Adaptation synthesizes what is known about girls involved in delinquent behavior and their experiences at different points in the juvenile justice system.<br><br>This breakthrough volume adds to the understanding of this population by offering empirical analysis not only of how these behaviors develop but also about what is being done to intervene. Employing multiple theoretical models, qualitative and quantitative data sources, law enforcement records, and insights across disciplines, leading scholars review causes and correlates; the roles of family and peers; psychological and legal issues; policy changes resulting in more arrests of young women; and evidence-based prevention and intervention strategies.


Miller, S., Leve, LD., & Kerig, PK. (2012). Delinquent Girls: Contexts, Relationships, and Adaptation. New York, NY: Springer.