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Decision support tool for SSL luminaire reliability


RTI International, (2015, January). Decision support tool for SSL luminaire reliability. Presented at 12th Annual U.S. Department of Energy Solid-State Lighting R&D Workshop, San Francisco, CA, January 27-29, .


- LM-80 data provides insights into lumen maintenance and color stability for LEDs, but does not take into account changes in the larger luminaire system.
- An early prototype of a system-level modeling tool for lumen maintenance of SSL luminaires has been developed. This tool takes into account changes in optical components and the electrical system.
- The goal of the SSL Reliability Decision Support Tool (SSL-DST) is to provide a central platform in which to investigate the impact of different system component choices on the lumen maintenance of SSL luminaires.
- The SSL-DST allows the creation of simple but informative reports about lumen maintenance for an entire luminaire.
- The long-term aging models for LEDs and luminaire optical components (e.g., lenses and reflectors) developed by RTI are programmed into the tool to provide users with the option to either analyze the stored data or provide their own data.
- Reports showing reliability and survival curves can be generated to aid users in decision-making processes related to SSL luminaire design, selection, and testing.